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Teleflex offers a comprehensive line of single-use LMA® Airways, providing anesthesia professionals with a full range of laryngeal mask options, so you have the right airway device for every patient.


LMA® Protector Airway

The LMA® Protector Airway is the next generation of LMA® Airways and the most advanced single-use airway available from Teleflex. The LMA® Protector Airway is the world’s first single-use laryngeal mask with a dual gastric drainage channel and pharyngeal chamber designed specifically to channel high volume, high pressure gastric contents away from the airway. The LMA® Protector Airway with its 100% silicone cuff and airway tube is designed to be gentle to the anatomy.

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LMA® Unique EVO Airway

The LMA® Unique EVO Airway is a first generation laryngeal mask that also offers endotracheal tube intubation capabilities. The enhanced design is ideal for unforeseen airway complications where intubation becomes necessary and the silicone cuff is designed to be gentle to the anatomy. The LMA® Unique EVO Airway also features Cuff Pilot Technology, an integrated cuff pressure indicator that provides constant at-a-glance feedback, alerting clinicians to changes in cuff pressure to help improve patient care and safety.

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LMA® Unique (Silicone Cuff) Airway

The LMA® Unique (Silicone Cuff) Airway from Teleflex combines all of the features of our LMA® Unique Single-use Airway with the benefits of a silicone cuff, including higher seal pressures and conformity to the patient’s anatomy. The LMA® Unique (Silicone Cuff) Airway can be used for an extensive range of routine applications, from general anesthesia to emergency use or as a resuscitation device.

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LMA Fastrach® Single-Use Airway

The LMA Fastrach® Single-Use Airway is the intubating LMA® Airway. Included in the difficult airway algorithms of the American Heart Association® (AHA) and American Society of Anesthesiologists® (ASA), the LMA Fastrach® Single-Use Airway is the ideal choice for the anatomically difficult airway. Designed to facilitate blind intubation without moving the head or neck and allowing for single handed insertion, the LMA Fastrach® Single-Use Airway allows continuous ventilation between intubation attempts.

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LMA Flexible® Single-Use Airway

The LMA Flexible® Single-Use Airway is the LMA® Airway for head and neck surgery. It has a reinforced airway tube which allows it to be positioned away from the surgical field while maintaining a good seal. This makes it ideal for ENT, ophthalmic and dental surgery, or other procedures where the surgeon and anesthesiologist compete for airway access.

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LMA Supreme® Airway

The LMA Supreme® Airway combines the best features of all previous LMA® Airways to offer the highest degree of safety and ease of use. Whether for a routine procedure or to manage a higher risk patient, the higher seal pressure and gastric access provide a higher degree of safety. The LMA Supreme® Airway is designed to channel fluids away from the airway in the unlikely event of active or passive regurgitation and allows for diagnostic testing and verifiable positioning.

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LMA Unique® Airway

The LMA Unique® Airway is the original Single-Use LMA® Airway. It can be used for a wide range of routine applications ranging from general anesthesia to emergency use or as a resuscitation device. The LMA Unique® Airway is supplied sterile for single use only.

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