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Teleflex is proud to continue a more than 125-year partnership between our Rusch® Brand and clinicians to develop laryngoscopes that make intubation as simple, convenient, and safe as possible. The result is a broad range of laryngoscopes that includes options to manage difficult airways and improve procedural efficiency. Each product is precisely engineered to meet the needs of anesthesia professionals and their patients.


Fiber Optic Single-Use Blades

Teleflex is proud to offer Green Rusch Lite Single-Use Fiber Optic Blades, which offer the performance of reusables, while presenting the opportunity to substantially reduce the potential for infection associated with reusable devices.

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Fiber Optic Single-Use Handles

Teleflex offers the Rusch® DispoLED® Single-Use Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle, which can be safely integrated with other compatible fiber optic/green systems in use in the hospital because of its ISO 7376 compliant fittings. This allows the Rusch® DispoLED® Laryngoscope Handle to be easily integrated into many existing laryngoscope systems, reducing the risk of incompatibility occurring in critical clinical situations.

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Standard Single-Use Blades

Teleflex offers a variety of Rusch® Standard Single-use Disposable Blades that offer the performance of reusables, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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Single-Use Laryngoscope System

Concerns about proper cleaning of tools used for tracheal intubation have been growing as bacteria are becoming more resistant and no perfect decontamination procedures exist.1 While most concerns about laryngoscope cleaning focus on the blade because of the patient contact, handles are becoming more of a concern as studies have shown that handles also carry bacteria.2 1. Disposable laryngoscope blades do not interfere with ease of intubation in scheduled general anesthesia patients. European Journal of Anaesthesiology 2003;20: 731-735. 2. Contamination of laryngoscope handles. Journal of Hospital Infection 2010;74: 123-128.

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Fiber Optic Reusable Blades

Teleflex is proud to offer Rusch® Fiber Optic Reusable Blades in a full range of styles and sizes.

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Fiber Optic Reusable Handles

Rusch® Fiber Optic Reusable Handles have been continually refined through many years of use to minimize maintenance requirements and continue our tradition of the highest quality. They are made to exacting specifications from medical grade stainless steel to ensure their durability.

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Standard Reusable Blades

Teleflex is proud to offer Rusch® Standard Reusable Blades in a full range of styles and sizes.

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Standard Reusable Handles

Teleflex offers a selection of standard reusable handles in a variety of finishes to meet your anesthesia needs.

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Guided Video Laryngoscopes

Combining reposable optics with single-use blades, the Rusch® Airtraq Video Laryngoscope System* is an innovative way to assist clinicians with intubations from routine to the most complex. Our guided video single-use laryngoscope blades offer a reliable solution for accurate intubation while helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Rusch® Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades offer the opportunity to reduce infection associated with reusable devices by delivering a new, sterile surface every time. The guided system helps clinicians place endotracheal tubes with accuracy and confidence. *Video component sold separately

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MRI Conditional Kits

Teleflex offers the Rusch® MRI Conditional Kit, which features lightweight handle and blades with specially designed carbon zinc dry batteries.

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Laryngoscope Accessories

Teleflex offers an assortment of replacement bulbs and lamps for your laryngoscope maintenance needs.

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